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Health & Population Management

Health & Population Management

ACCIS provides a diverse range of state-of-the-art, top-tier, and tailored solutions for health and population management. As the landscape of medical management delivery evolves, let ACCIS guide you through these transformations and discover fresh possibilities with our comprehensive suite of products and services. Our pivotal health and population management services comprise.

Care management

  • Case management/care coordination
  • Complex, condition management
  • Assessments/HRAs/patient screening/care plans
  • Medication compliance and reconciliation

  • Transitions of care/readmission prevention
  • On-site and telephonic support
  • Prospective screening capabilities
  • Utilization Management/Utilization Review

Chronic disease management

  • Affordable Care Act Programs

  • Customized chronic condition management programs

ACCIS adopts a comprehensive approach to disease management that is seamlessly integrated with case management services. To enhance the coherence of care and optimize care outcomes, ACCIS ensures that case managers are proficiently trained to deliver both disease management and case management, tailored to the level of intensity required. Our disease management services encompass.

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma

  • HIV
  • High Risk Obstetrics

  • Hypertension